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Guest Information

Gate Code

Code for the front gate: #5982 (This is our address in reverse. House addresses are also listed on the green sign to the right of the front gate. If your memory fails there is an opening button on the inside of the left, or hinged pillar.)


The two acres around the house and cabin is fenced to keep the deer out. They will come in and enjoy eating the flowers. Roses are their favorite munch. Please keep the gate closed at night.


Network: Larry’s Orbi

Password: Smiles4u 

If for some the internet is not working, unplug (a common reboot) the router on the table and replug in 30 seconds. Call Larry if an issue.


Phone reception is poor. Set your iPhone to WiFi calling using the above password and it should work in and around cabin.

Heating and Air Conditioning

The propane heater can be controlled by the thermostat by the front door. Air conditioning can be controlled by opening and closing windows. :-) During the summer if the windows are opened at night and closed during the day temperatures can be moderated. Heat in the winter is dependent on the propane fireplace in the large room. It is controlled by the user friendly thermostat on the wall by the front door. Please call Larry if you have any issues with it. There is a supplemental electric heater in the kids room. Please note that when opening windows the old fashioned long hooks should be engaged to keep the windows from blowing around and breaking.


The tap water is a blend of spring and well water. We have what is known as the best spring in See Canyon but it does get low in the summer and is supplemented by well water. It is filtered but we recommend drinking bottled water. You will find a supply in the cupboard and/or refrigerator.


Most of the light switches and their functions are obvious. The three switches by the front door control the deer antler chandler (dimmer switch). The middle one is for front porch and the right one is for outside landscaping and walkway up to the main house. Please turn that one off at night. There are two switches by the back door. The right one is for porch lights. The left one is for future landscaping in the back. Both porch lights are motion activated. They can be activated to remain on by rapidly double switching.


Is not allowed on the property!

This is for your health and ours, respect for neighbors and future guests, and fire prevention. No smoking includes anything that burns: cigarettes, marijuana, incense etc. Candles are not allowed due to the extensive wood in the cabin and high fire danger. Any evidence of this rule being unfollowed will result in a forfeit of your security deposit.


This is a remote area where fire precautions are essential. Note the fire extinguisher inside the front door. There is also a fire hydrant on the hill just off the entry to the cabin on the left. A fire hose is on a reel at the upper end of the grape arbor. Be cautious and use your head, not the fire department. Dial 911 if necessary.  

Cooking Facilities

Cooking options include the Foodi Air Toaster Oven, microwave, convection burner and BBQ in the front patio. Please consult the appliance instructions if you are not familiar with their use, especially the Foodi. Instructions are near the appliances or in the drawer below the coffee maker.


PLEASE USE THE CUTTING BOARD! The countertop is real cypress. Previous guests have damaged it by cutting directly on it and I’ve just had tho replace it!  Ouch! Major error!  For the BBQ turn on the valve at the propane tank from the back. Accessories are located in the cabinet across from the kitchen tank. Please do not move the BBQ. It likes its home and has been leveled.

First Aid

We trust that you will feel safe here and be accident-free. There is a first aid kit in the large kitchen cabinet for minor injuries. There is also a tool box of commonly used tools. If something does not work properly please call Larry.

TV and Music

Use the control for on/off and volume. Use the fire stick for navigation. Hulu, Prime and Netflix are available at no cost for most programs, music and movies. Explore other options as you wish but please refrain from making other charges. Use Guest or Larry’s profile. There is a Bose speaker system which you can pair and sync with your phone and play your own music. Press the Bluetooth button on top of the speaker and on your phone simultaneously to pair.


Let us know if you need any extra bedding. The king bed is equipped with mattress warmers.  Control them with the rheostats on the floor by the head of the bed. Additional bedding is available in the dresser or shelf in bunk room. If you have small children using the bunk beds, a removable guard rail is in the bunk room. Use it at your discretion.


An iron is in the cupboard in the kitchen area. An ironing board is hanging on the closet pole in the bunk room.


Bathroom Amenities

Most are in the cabinet under the sink. Hair dryer and miscellaneous things can be found on the closet shelf in the bunk room.

Driveway Caution

The driveway is narrow and curvy. Please drive slowly and look out for other cars. There are spots where you can pass and in an emergency two cars can pass anywhere with a squeeze on the shoulders...and a tap on the back. :-)


Address: 2895 Shadowbrook Lane, SLO, 93405

Larry’s cellphone: 805-234-2897

Linda’s cellphone 805-704-7287

Home landline: 805-595-2424


Main website:

IG and FB: CastlebrookCabin

If interested in photos check out Larry’s long standing accounts of Larry V Smith, or lives4luv.


You are in the middle of our 65 acres. You are welcome to look around at your own risk. Be aware of poison oak which is in many areas, natural hazards which are a part of country life, snakes, spiders and other creatures. The three houses closest to the cabin are private residences of family members. We are a friendly bunch but please be respectful of our personal needs and we will respect yours.


If you see something you like, enjoy it but leave it here. If you take more than memories home a mountain lion will block you at the gate and the guilt will follow you all your life. We know you wouldn’t do that else you would not have wanted to be here. Enjoy this special part of the world. We moved here 50 years ago to escape the smog and confinement of city life. We’re glad we did. There is so much to see and experience here. We intend to preserve the blessings we’ve received and pass them along.


We would be grateful if you would sign the guestbook with your before leaving. We hope you might want to return someday and speak well of us to others. We also want to know what you didn’t like and any suggestions for making things better. Thank you for spending time with us. It is our goal to make the cabin a unique, comfortable, first-class place for our guests. We want it to be a memorable experience. We are blessed by having you here and trust the feeling will be mutual. Thank you for signing the guest book before you leave and your nice review. Family and friends have used the cabin for years, but offering it to the public is a new adventure for us. We solicit any suggestions for improving the experience. Be blessed.




Larry and Linda

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